In a country as large, diverse and beautiful as Canada, it’s only natural for comparisons to be drawn between cities. Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton and Calgary are some of the most popular cities of Canada.

Vancouver is the most livable city in the world , but with so much to offer for living the expenses do not come easy. Even with the minimum wage at $10.25, living costs are sky high. According to Statistics Canada, the average monthly household expenditures for international students are $700 to $800 in Vancouver but Climate wise this is the best city for Thai students as not too much cold can be seen in British Columbia as compare to Ontario or Quebec. Also plenty of job opportunities are available in Vancouver, BC.

Minimum wages also play a factor in determining the living expenses of a place. Vancouver and Toronto, with a minimum wage of $10.25 are higher than Edmonton and Calgary with a minimum wage of $9.40 and Montreal with a minimum wage of $9.65 (general rate and clothing industry) and $8.35 (employees receiving tips). The secret is that the cities with lower wages have to pay less for their daily needs as compared to the cities with higher wages, which again makes Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton cheaper cities to live in for general expenses.

There is another factor that puts Edmonton above all the other cities when it comes to the most affordable city to live in Canada. Yes, it’s the tax expense. According to Revenue Canada, Alberta is the only province in Canada with no Provincial Sales Tax (PST).

Factors that determine where a person lives vary from student to student. It isn’t easy to move from one place to another. We have seen Asian students prefer Vancouver for various climate and economical reasons. We have helped many Asian students especially students fro Thailand for achieving their academic goals and their permanent residence visas for Canada.