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Study in Canada - Now easy to obtain Permanent Residence after Graduation


Many international graduates speak multiple languages, and have obtained Canadian work experience. In addition, with a Canadian diploma or degree, graduates may find themselves qualified for a wide range of career options in Canada. Canadian universities and colleges achieve name recognition around the world, and are recognized for the quality of their teaching and research. These universities and colleges are active in their recruitment and support of international students, acknowledging that these individuals bring alternative perspectives and backgrounds that enrich classrooms.

The government of Canada supports international students in their efforts to become permanent residents after graduation from a Canadian study program. Recent changes to the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), which took effect in 2016, awarded points to international graduates in the Express Entry pool for their Canadian educational credentials.

With support from the highest levels of government, in addition to support from the hosting institution, international students may confidently expect a warm welcome in Canada. For more information, please contact our Bangkok office at +66 20031450 or +66801543000 or Vancouver office at +16049447912 or +16043627497

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